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Since 2016, PEB batisonde as licensed certifier in Brussels provides EPB certificates  at the best prices and  quality .

Obtaining your EPB Certificate for residential buildings


You want to sell or rent your house or your apartment in the Brussels-Capital and you need an EPB certificate.


PEB Batisonde is licensed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) since 2016 to carry the certification of the Energy Performance of Building (EPB). We will deliver your EBP certificate at the best price for any residential building located in the 19 communes of the Brussels-capital region.


If you care about the environment and wish to improve the EPB of your building, PEB Batisonde as expert in the domain can provide you the best advise and support a renovation project that could help improve the EPB rating of the building.


We rely on multiple partners in various areas:


  • Electrical compliance certifiers ; 

  • EPB improvement contractors ; 

  • Rental Inspection Report Specialist ; 

  • Architect ; 

  • Surveyor.


We provide services to the following clients types 


  • Real Estate Developers;

  • Building Managers;

  • Real Estate Agents ;

  • Individual owners

Certificateur PEB à Bruxelles
 organisme agréé  PEB à Bruxelles

100 %

satisfied customers

5 years


48 h

Maximum delay to deliver the EPB certificat

EPB Certificat + Electrical Inspection

Starting at 229 €

EPB certifier: frequently asked questions

What is an licensed EPB certifier ?

The licensed PEB certifiers have received a special training to allow them to calculate the energy efficiency of non-residential buildings, public buildings and private dwellings.

To accomplish this work, they must visit the building and evaluate its state. The EPB rating calculation requires also the availability of some documents and admissible evidences to be presented by the requestor.


Thus the certifier is the first point of contact in case of questions regarding the certificate rating and processes.

The certifier can be employed by a firm or be self-employed but must be licensed by Brussels Environment. 


Brussels Environment is the only establishment which delivers the required training to obtain the EPB certifier license. 


Since 2015, this training is only available to individuals with specific degrees such as civil engineers, architects or similar. If a certifier does not follow the proper process and standards, his or her license can be revoked by Brussels Environment.  


There exists three types of training leading to a certifier license  :


  • The EPB certificate for private dwellings;

  • The EPB certificates for offices up to 500 sq. meters  ;

  • The EPB certificate for public buildings.

What is the certifier's commitment ?


While computing the energy efficiency of a building, the certifier has to respect some rules and follow specified processes. Amongst other things, the certifier must use the IBGE forms to complete the EPB certificates and follow the IBGE methodology.

How can I check if an EPB  certifier is licensed in Brussels

The list of licensed EPB certifier is available at

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