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The EPB certificate in Brussels

In the Brussels-Capital region, before renting or selling a home of more than 18 m2 or an office of more than 500 m2, the owner must have a EPB certificate. In this FAQ, you will understand the role of this certificate as well as that of the licensed professional who can establish it for you.

EPB Certificate: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EPB certificate? 

The EPB certificate (Energy Performance of Building) is a report delivered on behalf of the  IBGE (Institut Bruxellois de la Gestion de l'Environnement) which provides an energy rating of a building. The ratings vary from A (best energy performance) to G (worst energy performance). The report also provides some advise on how to improve the rating obtained. The report is valid for 10 years. 

To obtain an EPB certificate for a dwelling located in the Brussels Region, one needs to hire a licensed residential EPB certifier. The certifier is an expert in the computation of the Energy Performance of the Building licensed by IBGE  (Institut Bruxellois de la Gestion de l'Environnement). The certifier will visit the dwelling, measure it and take pictures, The information so gathered will be entered in the IBGE software which will compute the energy performance rating and issue the EPB certificate.

Since 2011, the law requires an EPB certificate for all dwellings offered for sale or rent. Failing to meet this obligation could be punished with fines up to 2500 euros.

How is the EPB certificate established ? 

There is a two steps process to obtain the EPB certificate. First an appointment must be made with one of our EPB certifier for a site visit. This visit lasts about 45 minutes. During this visit, access to the heating system is required, even if the heating system is a collecting system which serves multiple dwellings. To speed up the procedure and insure accurate rating computation, the owner can optionally submit a series of document during the visit. After the visit, the PEB certifier enters the data captured during the visit in the IBGE software. This software then computes the EPB rating and issues the EPB certificate. This certificate is then sent to the owner by post or e-mail as soon as the payment is received.

Documents to optionally submit during the certifier visit

  • Proof of periodic maintenance of the boiler

  • Acceptance protocol of the heating system

  • Building plans

  • Windows and window frames bills

  • Insulation bills

  • Basic Act (only for condominiums)

Who is responsible for EPB rules ? 

The EPB rules are set and supervised by the IBGE (Institut Bruxellois de la Gestion de l'Environnement). 

For more information about the EPB certificate, you can consult (in French or Dutch)

For more information about the EPB procedures, you can consult(in French or in Dutch)

For more information about EPB rules and objectives:

Improving the EPB rating 


If you want to renovate your building and improve the its EPB rating, we can help you with our advise on how to improve this rating. We can help you select the most efficient improvement and compute the EPB rating of the building before and after the renovation work. We can also answer your questions about the EPB rules, 


We offer free renovation advise and EPB simulation. We can support you with our EPB expertise during all phases of your renovation project. We support our advise with EPB rating calculation of the building as it stands before and after the renovation work. As part of this advise program will send you to provisory EPB calculation. This service is entirely free. You only pay when you will need the official EPB certificate. 

How long is the EPB certificate valid?


The EPB certificates are valid 10 years as long as during this period no change is made to the energy features of the building. That is no change to the heating system, the building insulation or the window frames. 

Thus the building owner can  use the EPB certificate during the validity period for any purpose. But if Brussels Environment notices a change in the building energy characteristics since the time the certificate was established, the certificate will be deemed not valid.


What is the purpose of an EPB certificate


The EPB certificate is a mandatory prerequisite to any real estate transaction in the region Brussels_Capital. Its aim is to inform the buyer or the renter about the expected energy performance of the building. This way he or she will be able to compare this building with others in the same category.

In addition the EPB certificate is also a way to communicate the energy performance improvement advise which apply to this particular building.


What happens if I want to sell or rent my property without having an EPB certificate?


According to Brussels-Environment the beneficiary of the property will miss a comparaison point in his or her choice of a property if the EPB certificate is not available. For the owner the absence of the EPB certificate could result in a decreased selling price or rent. 

In addition the seller or renter of a property which does not have a EPB certificate could be fined. A systematic control of all real estate for sale is made and compared to the data base of existing EPB certificates.

Thus obtaining an EPB certificate must be a top priority for all planned real estate transaction in Brussels


EPB certificate, critical points 


the price of an EPB certificate depends on


  • Dwelling type

  • Dwelling surface

  • Facades number

  • Provision of an architectural plan



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